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Year 6 SATs breakfast club

Year 6 SATs breakfast club

The PTFA have very kindly offered to help run a SATs breakfast club for Year 6 children during SATs week (Monday 8th May—Thursday 11th May).

Year 6 children can come into school at 8.15am where toast and hot chocolate will be provided for them.


It proved to be a very enjoyable club for the children when we did it last year and helped to give the children a nice calm start to the day.

We will send a letter out to Year 6 parents with more information about this after the Easter break.


Easter Service   Recently updated !

Thank you to all the parents who came into school this morning for our Easter service. It was a lovely service led by Rev. Mark. Please see some photographs of the service below.


School Library   Recently updated !

We would like to thank the PTFA for their generous contribution towards equipment to place in the library. We are working hard to make the library a welcoming environment for group work and a quiet place to promote a love of reading. We will hold an official opening of the library once it is complete so parents and carers can see the improvements we are making.

Watch this space!



Yo-yo club   Recently updated !

Yo-yo club

We are very proud of a group of Year 6 pupils that have set up a lunchtime yo yo club. They wrote to the PTFA to request some money to purchase some yo-yos, created their own posters to advertise the club and they launched it on Tuesday. It proved to be a very popular club and one that will run during the summer term on a Tuesday lunchtime. If your child has a yo-yo why not send them into school with it every Tuesday so they can learn some new tricks at yo-yo club! Well done to the Year 6 children that set it up. You have demonstrated excellent leadership skills whilst setting up this club.



Red Nose Day   Recently updated !

Thank you so much to the Year 6 children that showed great leader-ship skills in organising the cake competition for Red Nose Day. The children devised the competition, wrote a letter to parents, bought prizes after requesting money from the PTFA, designed certificates and helped to judge the competition. Well done to all of the children who entered, the designs were wonderful and very tasty!

Total amount raised to follow.


Guitar and Ukulele Performances   Recently updated !

We are incredibly proud of all the children that performed in a special assembly today.   The whole school, and parents of the children preforming, enjoyed listening to an eclectic mix of music. The children were so confident, it was wonderful to see. We hope it may have inspired other children to take up guitar lessons in the future! Mr Gray, our guitar teacher, is also very proud of their achievements.


Internet Safety/Social Media Presentation for Parents   Recently updated !

We were delighted to have PC Chris Lea come in to give a presentation this week on internet safety. He guided parents through the safe use of social media. We hope those of you that came found it an informative and helpful evening.


Feedback   Recently updated !

Thank you to those parents who returned questionnaires distributed at Parents’ Evenings. The feedback about the new style report cards has been very positive as has feedback about arrangements for homework that were implemented last term.

If you still have a questionnaire to hand in, please do so as we value your comments.


Ash Wednesday   Recently updated !

Rev. Mark led Collective Worship today and explained to the children that Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent for Western Christian churches. He talked about the use of ashes, made by burning palm crosses from the previous Palm Sunday, being very symbolic. Two children from each class came up to represent their class and have the symbol of the cross marked on their forehead.


500 words – BBC Radio 2 competition   Recently updated !

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard to write their own stories for the BBC 500 words competition. Joe Pennington has written a fantastic story which we have included on page 3 for you to enjoy. Well done to all of Year 5 for your hard work on this.


Joe Pennington 500 Word story

With my heart pounding, I ran through the narrow alley-ways of London, pursuing a professional, fiendish, fierce thief, and the key to the bank of England. Sweat was pouring down my face, thanks to the heavy police uniform I had been wearing for the entirety of the chase. Just minutes before I reached the quiet, desolate street in which the criminal had just arrived, the thief pulled out a phone and dialled a number. Seconds later, a shining motorbike and side-car pulled up and in jumped the thief! I had lost him. Unsuccessful, I reluctantly trudged back to base.

A fortnight later, exciting news came in that the thief had been seen leaving the city by car. He was heading to the Highlands of Scotland. It seemed like a random destination, but we were sent out anyway to retrieve the key, and bring the thief to court. I had the number plate and position on GPS, due to a last minute tracker being placed on the thief’s shoe. It was true they were heading into Scotland, but why? Were they meeting someone, or was it something else?

Many hours later, the tracker told me they had stopped deep in the centre of a wood. It was freaking me out. I had to walk because it was so dense. Once at the centre I examined an old, wooden shack, which definitely didn’t shout out welcome, come and join the party! Creeping across the lawn, I pulled out my truncheon and slowly opened the door. Bam! A booby trap!

When I woke up, I found myself bound in ropes and eavesdropping on a conversation involving the key. The key itself was resting on a cabinet in the corner of the room, and from listening to the intriguing conversation, I discovered that they would be holding another meeting here at 3 o’clock on the 23rd January. If I could escape and get a squad of police men here to guard the shack, we should be able to catch the crooks unawares. The only problem was that there would be sixteen men in total and if they were all like the attendants today, they would flatten us in their tracks!

I discovered that I could get my hands out of the ropes and free myself, so all I had to do was wait for them to leave. That happened a lot sooner than I expected! That afternoon, they decided to abandon me there. I stayed there for half an hour after they left, then escaped quite easily, immediately making my way to a public phone box. Luckily, I had some change.

On the 23rd, the rest of the squad and I were hidden in the woods surrounding the shack, awaiting the meeting’s attendants. After they were in the hut, we took them by surprise. Most of them decided to come peacefully, but the thief refused. We would have to take him by force.

They were all put in prison by the next week. Success!