Sasha Davidson

Year R – Road Safety   Recently updated !

Reception have been practising ‘road safety’ with our ‘street feet’ resources. They have been looking carefully at the road signs, traffic lights and     pedestrian lights to check when it is safe to cross the road.


Year 5 – Handwriting   Recently updated !

Year 5 have enjoyed creating handwriting pictures as part of their homework. This links in with our focus on handwriting and ensuring that children in KS2 are always joining their letters and the presentation of their work is always of a high standard. Please see Kimberley’s work below.

Year 2 – Safer Internet Day   Recently updated !

During Safer Internet Day Year 2 thought carefully about how the World Wide Web connects people. We then created our own web to say how each member of the class are connected.

We also thought about messages that are posted online or sent by mobile phone and discussed what content they should contain. We wrote kind messages on post-its. These will help us to remember that although we can’t see people when we are on the       Internet we still need to be kind.

We created digital footprints to remind us that whatever we do on the Internet can leave a trace and builds up a picture of the things we like and dislike.


Finally, we finished off with the emoji game. We listened to scenarios and thought about how it made us feel. We chose an emoji and explained why that situation made us feel a certain way.


Year 3 Music Lessons   Recently updated !

During the wider opportunities music lessons, Year 3 have been learning chords- with the help of dots on the ukulele. The children have learnt to strum and this week they plucked the strings as well. They have been playing some well know songs, including Row, Row , Row your boat, Swing Low and I’m a believer. Year 3 are hoping to perform for some of our parents later in the year.

A Big Thank You!   Recently updated !

You may have noticed a number of trees have now been planted in our new Forest School site on the back field. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Taylor for his very generous donation of trees and also to Mr McCready who gave up a large part of his Sunday last weekend to plant them all for us. We really are very grateful.

Forest School Training Update   Recently updated !

Mrs Davidson has returned to school after 4 full days of Level 3 Forest School training. She has had a wonderful time and gained many exciting ideas that she would like to try with children at Much Birch.   Her training has included:

  • learning how to use a range of tools safely and she has observed children using them competently and safely in Forest School sessions.
  • Building dens and shelters.
  • Lighting fires without matches and fire lighters.
  • Whittling wood.
  • Weaving willow.
  • Creating fences using a range of techniques plus much more!

Mrs Davidson now has to work hard to complete course work to demonstrate her understanding of Forest Schooling and her trainer will be visiting school to observe her teach a Forest School session.   There are then 2 further skills days taking place in May where Mrs Davidson will be assessed on the practical skills required for the qualification.   There is sill lots of hard work to be done but we continue to grow closer to enabling the children to take part in sustained outdoor learning throughout the school.




Year 1 Spanish   Recently updated !

Pupils in Year 1 have been learning some Spanish through a variety of games and songs with Señora Amodeo-Howell on a Friday afternoon. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions so far and can already say a number of Spanish words.


Year R – Police Visit   Recently updated !

Reception had a visit from the Police last week as they have had a police station and jail in their role-play area. The police told them that learning to read and write is very important as police have to write reports about crimes!

Forest Schools   Recently updated !

In response to parental requests for more opportunities for outdoor learning we are continuing to drive forward our Forest Schools initiative.

Mrs Davidson is attending a 4 day Forest Schools course next week and is looking forward to learning lots of new skills.



Hands Around The World Book Sale   Recently updated !

The book sale this week raised £138.75.  Thank you so much to all of you for your support, this is a wonderful start to our fundraising for this worthy cause.   Thank you to Mrs Powell for all her help with the book sale.

Below you can see the kinds of ways in which the money will be spent:

£8 will buy a school uniform for one child in Zambia
£10 gets one orphaned child to school for one month including lunch in Benin
£11 will buy cups, plates and cutlery for one child at a school for children with disabilities in Kenya
£17 buys a school book and pencil for a whole class in Rwanda
£22 will buy a daily school lunch for 12 hungry children in Zambia

£41 will buy bookshelves for the school library in India