Year 1


Pupils in Year 1 have been learning some Spanish through a variety of games and songs with Señora Amodeo-Howell on a Friday afternoon. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions so far and can already say a number of Spanish words.

Portraits of the Queen

Year 1 demonstrated their excellent artistic skills in art this week when they drew portraits of Queen Elizabeth II as part of their new topic ‘Castles, kings and queens’. Here are some examples for you to enjoy. We hope to photograph them once they are up on display and send to the Queen. In English they will write a letter to accompany the photograph of their artwork. Fingers crossed we get a reply!

Drones session with Mr Sanderson

Year 1 had a very exciting start to the week when Mr Sanderson came in with a set of drones. They enjoyed using their coding skills to make the drones move in different ways. Seeing the drones flip over caused much excitement and the children demonstrated excellent IT skills.

Trip to Bristol Aquarium

Year 1 had a wonderful time at Bristol Aquarium last week. There were so many different sea creatures for the children to look at and children loved all the interesting facts about the different creatures. Thank you to our parent helpers who gave up their day to help on the trip.

Planting cress seeds

Our topic in Year 1 this term is What a Wonderful World and we are starting to look at plants. We have written some instructions on how to plant cress seeds and next week we are going to plant some more seeds.




Straw Constructions

We planted some broad beans to see if we could grow our own beanstalks. Then we planted our bean plants in the school garden.



We counted in fives. We used Dienes to make 2 digit numbers. We thought about how many tens and how many ones we needed.



 Jack and the Beanstalk

We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We used puppets to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.



We designed our own castles. We worked in groups to make our castles.

Watercolour Art

The children took inspiration from the descriptions in the story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ to create their own paintings.


Outdoor Numeracy – halves and quarters


RE – What does Jesus’ story of the Lost Sheep mean?

The children explored the feelings of the Lost Sheep and the Shepherd at the end of the story, through role-play and freeze frame they made faces for

‘wandering off’, ‘feeling scared’, ‘despair’, ‘being found or ‘rejoicing’ and ‘feeling safe’.

Fun in the snow!

The children enjoyed exploring the snow outside during a wintery snow shower one afternoon; they loved trying to catch the snow and observed how it melted in their hands.

We learnt about the water cycle and how snow is formed.

Maths investigation

Noah saw 12 (or 24!) legs walk by into the Ark.

How many animals did he see?  How many answers can you think of?

  Dinosaur Project Homework

The children were given the task of designing and making a 3D model dinosaur.  The children used a range of materials to create their models.

We went on a dinosaur hunt after a dinosaur escaped from our classroom.  We had to follow clues, then we drew a map to show where we had been.


The children have been working hard to develop their excavating skills as part of our topic!



In art we been learning about the Austrian artisit Gustav Klimt.  We focussed on Portrait of Adele Bloch – Bauer 1.

We will be printing a version using paint on a larger scale. We will use these paintings to create our own special class art book inspired by Gustav Klimt.

Guided Reading Activities


Numeracy Activities