Year 2

Trip to Hereford Museum

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to The Black and White House Museum. They travelled back in time to the year 1666 and learned how to swaddle babies, grind herbs to make medicine, lay the table and dressed up in period costume.

Back at school, they wrote fabulous thank you letters and created super sketches of timber framed buildings.


Florence Nightingale

Year 2 displays
A poem for the Queen’s 90th Birthday
Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Art

Year 2 have been finding out about Vincent van Gogh.   We found out that Vincent  wasn’t famous during his lifetime but he is extremely famous now. We looked at two of his famous paintings very carefully. They inspired us to create own our versions of The Starry Night and Sunflowers. We used pastels and paint to create our masterpieces.

Year 2 Leading Collective Worship

 Year 2 displays


 Road Safety Visitor

 Florence Nightingale topic work