Year 3

Using drones and VR headsets

The children in Year 3 had a wonderful time when Mark Sanderson, an IT consultant from the LA, who came into school to lead a morning of IT using drones and VR to enable the children to experiment with an app called Google Expeditions.

We look forward to welcoming Mark back into school later this term to work with other classes with this exciting equipment.

Year 3 Maths

The children enjoyed creating their own 3D models using straws and playdough as part of their maths lessons this week. A lovely creative way to learn the properties of 3D shapes!


Stone Age Day

As part of our topic ‘The Stone Age,’ we had a Stone Age day. The children came to school dressed as Stone Age people and they did a carousel of themed activities. The children wrote acrostic poems, solved ‘Stone Age maths problems,’ produced cave paintings using charcoal and created Stone Age jewellery. They also enjoyed a feast of fruits and berries, typical food for that period in history. The class had a thoroughly enjoyable time!

World War 2 Film Premiere

Year 3 put on their own film premiere for their parents as they couldn’t come to the cinema. We explained to them how we made our film before it was played in the hall. We raised £245.06 from our ticket and cake sales which is more than enough to buy our own film making equipment. We would like to thank all the parents for making cakes for this event.

By Ellie

Odeon Film Premiere

Year 3 were very excited to go on a trip to the Odeon to watch our film on a big screen. We had popcorn to eat and a drink. We watched about 6 films from other schools that were very good. It was a very hard film to make but was exciting to see it on played in the cinema. We were all so excited to wear our party clothes at this red carpet event.

By Isabel



Air Raid Simulation

The children were role playing what it would be like to be a 1940’s child in school during WWII.  Children were played an air raid siren and they had to go to the nearest shelter under the tables.  some children even got to go into our Anderson shelter we have made within the classroom.  After this activity the children discussed what it felt like and how scary it must have been for children at the time.


One of the children in Year 3 won the ‘Hedgehog Festival Logo Competition’ with an excellent logo design.  The class was very fortunate to take part in a screen printing workshop using the winning design.  Thank you very much to Sarah Dean for coming into school to work with the children.  They thoroughly enjoyed screen printing their own bags.

Maths problem solving – A brick in the wall

Church Trail at St Mary and St Thomas A Becket Church, Much Birch

A trip to Hereford Museum – Stone Age to Iron Age

Year 3 creating their own cave art as part of the Stone Age topic

Science with Dr Rhodes

Dr Rhodes came into school and worked with the children on activities on topics of the curriculum related to physics including forces, magnetism, electricity, light, sound.  The children thoroughly enjoyed his experiments and had a great time!