Year 4

Young Voices

What an amazing trip Year 4 and 5 had at the Young Voices event. It is something that will be a lasting memory for the children. They sang with over 5,000 children at the Birmingham Genting Arena and what a sound they created! We’ve had such positive feedback from parents that were able to attend the event and watch the concert in the audience and the children have all commented so enthusiastically about the experience too.



Salt dough teeth!

Year 4 have been learning all about teeth! We attempted to make a model of our own bottom set of teeth out of salt dough, by looking in the mirror and using our tongue to feel the size and shape of them.




Year 4 Egyptians topic

In Year 4 we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  We decided to make Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus out of clay.  First we took a piece of clay and shaped it into a mummy, next we carved out the head and softened the sides.  Lastly we carved the feet and added the decorations.  We will then spray paint it gold.  After that we will make a coffin and put the sarcophagus inside.  By Anastasia Hughes.

Spy Adventure Stories

Year 4 have been writing their own spy adventure stories. The children have been so absorbed in the writing process; you could hear a pin drop in the classroom!

Climatic Zones

In Geography, we have been learning about the climatic zones of the world. Using our research on what these environments are like, we are creating collages which accurately depict them. The children have been given a variety of materials and have demonstrated great imagination and skill when using these materials.

 Spanish Day

As part of our topic ‘Spain,’ we had a Spanish day. The children enjoyed participating in lots of activities such as making and eating tortillas, having a ‘heated’ debate on bullfighting and learning the Paso Doble. Everybody had a fantastic time!