Class 5

Summer Term

Year 5 – Topic web for Indiana Jones

Summer 2 spellings

Yr 5 – Owls

Yr 5 – Moles

Yr 5 – Badgers

Summer 1 spellings

Yr 5 – Owls

Yr 5 – Moles

Yr 5 – Badgers

Spring Term

Earth Topic

Spelling Spring


Year 5 have been investigating how to make a safe landing with a parachute because Indiana Jones doesn’t want to break a leg when he parachutes in. They decided to investigate what would happen if different variables were changed. These ranged from changing the weights, the size, shape and material of the parachutes, and the number of strings attached to the parachute. Indiana is looking forward to their results.

Year 5 Homework – Biomes and Volcanoes linked to Indiana Jones topic

Year 5 pupils have worked extremely hard on their homework tasks. The classroom is now over flowing with shoe box biomes and exploding volcanoes.  They all look spectacular.

Witches puppets – inspired by Roald Dahl


Indiana Jones IT work