Year 5

500 words story

Please enjoy Anastasia’s story that was written earlier this year for the 500 words competition.

Kindness Isn’t a Fortune

Every night since Beatrice was 7, a girl with blonde curls and very smart clothes visited her in the night just after she had gone to bed. Her mum did not know. Beatrice liked her even though she was 10 and the Duchess’s daughter, which many children would be awfully jealous of. Although, the peculiar thing was that it had only happened ever since she had brought a rose wood violin. Beatrice loved her violin. Also she adored playing in public raising money for the poor, unlike Becky (the girl who visits Beatrice in the night) who is just too scared to play. Though Becky didn’t let that get in her way.

One drowsy summer evening, Becky appeared her face tear stained and looking very troubled indeed. ”You look um wretched… Becky what really is going on!” cried Beatrice beckoning her to the bed. Beatrice flattened the spot on her bed where she was hoping Becky would sit, but unfortunately she sat on the other side. “W-well,” said Becky hiccupping still. ”I was chosen to compete in the school concert and I was going to play the violin,” She paused.

“Well carry on,” Beatrice nervously revealed.

“But my teacher said I was no good at all! “ She looked at her knees and a single tear dropped. ”I am playing concerto in G minor. It was written especially for me!” she cried perking up a bit. ”But I can’t remember it,” she mumbled unhappy again.

There was a long, disturbing silence. Beatrice handed over a glass of water and a flowery handkerchief. Becky drank the water and dried her eyes. Beatrice looked at her violin, then at Becky hoping to catch her eye but no. She had never seen Becky so upset before and felt quite sad for her too. She had just remembered the first time she had brought her violin home. The rose wood violin, the old man had said, had chosen her. Her! She wondered if the violin Becky chose was for her, but she was too polite to ask. Suddenly, she had a lightbulb moment! Beatrice had just realized that she knew that song too! She could help Becky! Beatrice had always loved that song and found the beat in everything including the vibrating of the violin, exhilarating.” Becky I can help you!” Beatrice cried

“Y-you can!” Becky replied looking up.

“Of course because I play that song too and oh how I love it!” Beatrice blurted out eagerly.

“Oh how wonderful! Oh thanks!” cried Becky happily getting up “When shall we start our lessons? Tomorrow?”

“Yes! Now you probably want to go it’s getting late,” yawned Beatrice and Becky agreed. Becky worked her socks of every night of the week for hours and hours. Beatrice stayed up just to teach her and hope that it would pay off. 2 weeks later Becky arrived grinning hugely, a gold medal around her neck. Kindness can most definitely pay off all the time.

By Anastasia Hughes age 9


Young Voices

What can I say…what an amazing trip Year 4 and 5 had at the Young Voices event on Monday. It is something that I am sure will be a lasting memory for the children. They sang with over 5,000 children at the Birmingham Genting Arena and what a sound they created! We’ve had such positive feedback from parents that were able to attend the event and watch the concert in the audience and the children have all commented so enthusiastically about the experience too. This is something we plan to do annually as a trip for Year 4 and 5 as we feel it is such a beneficial trip for the children.   Keep an eye out for more information in the summer term about next year’s trip.


Year 5 have been investigating how to make a safe landing with a parachute because Indiana Jones doesn’t want to break a leg when he parachutes in. They decided to investigate what would happen if different variables were changed. These ranged from changing the weights, the size, shape and material of the parachutes, and the number of strings attached to the parachute. Indiana is looking forward to their results.

Year 5 Homework – Biomes and Volcanoes linked to Indiana Jones topic

Year 5 pupils have worked extremely hard on their homework tasks. The classroom is now over flowing with shoe box biomes and exploding volcanoes.  They all look spectacular.

Witches puppets – inspired by Roald Dahl


Indiana Jones IT work