Year 6

Trip to Aconbury Woods

Year Six visited Aconbury Woods where they learnt to identify the different types of trees that grow there, as well as completing a survey of how successful the different species were at adapting to the environment. They also measured the circumference of some of the trees in order to work out their age.

Year 6 buddies with Year R

Reception and Y6 met their buddies to share reading books and get to know each other!

Selling the school produce!

The children were very excited when they harvested some vegetables from the school garden . Year 6 pupils spent time researching prices, making posters and bagging up the vegetables to sell. Keep an eye out for the vegetable stall in the playground over the next few weeks as we will hopefully have more to sell soon!


Crucial Crew

Year 6 children at Much Birch were very lucky to have the opportunity to find out how to keep themselves safe as part of the Crucial Crew project.

They went to Ledbury Police Station to learn more about how to deal with issues such as internet safety, how to evacuate a coach safely, fire safety, rail safety and water safety to name a few!  The children had a fantastic time and learnt many important lessons about how to stay safe.

Outdoor Learning

Year 6 took advantage of the wonderful weather we’ve recently had and spent time enjoying the wonderful grounds we have at Much Birch.  The children tended to the garden, planting new seeds, weeding and watering the established plants.  They also enjoyed creating some ‘Jackson Pollock inspired’ paintings.  The children had great fun!

Graffiti Maths—Pascal’s triangle

Year 6 enjoyed a problem solving session in maths recently.  They covered the tables in paper and worked in pairs to work out how Pascal’s triangle had been formed: showing all their workings on the table – creating a graffiti effect.  The children worked incredibly hard during this session and found many patterns within the triangle.  The children enjoyed recording their maths work in such a creative way!

Theme park project

Year 6 have been asked to design their own theme park.  The children worked in small groups to start their draft design of their theme park; there were lots of interesting discussions around how they would spend their 5 million pound budget!

Art – mindfulness colouring and creating listening sticks

Year 6 were very fortunate to have Mrs Dean come in each afternoon during SATs week to help them relax with some wonderful art activities. Mrs Dean has been developing a creativity book for children introducing the key elements of creative confidence – empathy, serendipity, collaboration and culture with listening sticks as facilitators. You can see some of the listening sticks the children created in the photographs below.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with Mrs Dean and the mindfulness colouring was just what they needed after a morning of tests!   Thank you very much Mrs Dean.


Conscience Alley

We have been reader the book The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan in our Literacy sessions.  The children have been discussing what the main character, Tristan, had seen in the viewer, a mysterious device he found at the dump.  The children had to decide if Tristan should use the machine again.  The children made a conscience alley to give Tristan advice on what he should do, giving their reasons why.

GPS Treasure Hunt

As part of a grammar, punctuation and spelling lesson the children had to answer questions. Each question they answered correctly gave them a letter so they knew which question to find next. Before answering the next question children recorded the number that was at the bottom of the question sheet. Well done to Monty, Leo, Issy and Emilee who were the first children to answer all questions correctly!


Year 6 at Crucial Crew

Year 6 children and staff had a very exciting and informative day at Leominster Police Station on Monday as part of their Crucial Crew school trip. They learnt key life skills like: how to use the emergency exit on a coach; the SAFE code when in a river emergency; internet safety; emotional well-being; how to escape a smoke-filled room and prevent fire accidents; road safety; farmland safety; national railway safety; keeping away from electrical pylons and much more! It was a very busy day! Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the friendly staff and very well behaved Much Birch children!  Well done Year 6!

‘Chance to Shine’ Cricket Coaching

During Year 6’s cricket sessions , the children have been perfecting their skills in throwing. They had the difficult task of hitting the stumps from quite a distance! They had to aim and throw carefully, but with lots of power in order to hit the stumps completely over! This was made more difficult each time as more stumps were removed from the game, making it a smaller target to hit!

The children then took part in a quick game of diamond cricket. They had to think and react quickly in order to stay in the game. They had to put their batting and their fielding skills to the test!

Poseidon letters and Columns

As part of our Ancient Greek topic ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger’, the children have been desperately trying to persuade the almighty God Poseidon (brother of Zeus) not to punish the brave war hero, Odysseus, after he blinded the great God’s son, the Cyclops (Polyphemus). The children have had to use their best persuasive language and structuring to try and make the God of the Sea change his mind. Let’s hope it worked!

 Classification Display

The children have been putting their creative skills to the test with tricky Corinthian capital drawings. Whilst studying Greek architecture, the children looked closely at all the different types of columns and capitals (the top of the column) that the Greeks used to design and create. The complex patterns of the Corinthian style made for a lovely piece of art work, which the children have produced brilliantly! To make it look authentic and old the children used water soluble pens and brushes to add texture. They also cleverly folded the paper to make them 3D! The results are fantastic!


PSHCE Dream school


‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’

Year 6 started their topic off… in the rain! But this didn’t stop us! Using their excellent prior knowledge and teamwork skills, the children collected clues and symbols from around the school which then helped them to decipher their new topic for the summer term. After lots of discussions (and time to dry off) the children concluded that our topic this term was: ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ which is the Olympic motto meaning Faster, higher, stronger. Our topic this term is all about Ancient Greece and the Olympics!


Isle of Wight

We walked across Tennyson Down. Stopped there and heard some of his poetry. Wrote some poems. Went on the boat trip. Some children canoed whilst others did team building challenges. Then tea followed by rounders’ games in the field and a campfire. Looking forward to the river study and dinosaur footprint hunting on Thursday. Cheerio


Isle of Wight

We went to the beach and went rock pooling.   We found crabs 15cm!!   Harry Burden found a lobster.   Rosa and Millie found a star fish.   We found 16 different types of seaweed.  Canoeists sailed down the river with a makeshift sail from a parachute and then we’re towed back by a rib boat.   Lots of conversation work and running around.   All sound asleep by 11ish and awoke this morning at 6.45.   Food great.   Lots of fun.   Off for the big walk now.



Isle of Wight Residential Trip (Updates from Mrs Willimont and Mrs Finch)

  • Day 1

The children have all had a really good day.

The ferry crossing was perfect, sunny and calm and the coach was there to meet us at the other end.

This afternoon the children have enjoyed orienteering followed by canoeing or team building games followed by bird watching.

The children had tea and then did some more orienteering.

Hot chocolate and a chapter of the Borrowers was enjoyed by all at bedtime and all children were asleep by 11pm.


Cross Stitch Christmas Cards