Religious Education

Herefordshire Agreed Syllabus 2015-2020

Herefordshire Agreed Syllabus front cover

Year 3 Class Led Worship

Year 3 led Collective Worship and focused on the current whole school value of ‘Endurance’.  The children shared quotes about what endurance means and retold the story of The Hare and the Tortoise.  They led whole school reflection giving important messages about endurance and read out prayers to end the worship.


Year 2 Class Led Worship

 Year 3 trip to Much Birch Church – Church Trail

Year 3 went to visit Much Birch Church to take part in the Church trail.  Ross-on-Wye Decorative and Fine Arts Society (DFAS) are sponsored the trail at Much Birch Church.  The Church trail was partly created by a member of DFAS with the aim of introducing children to the art, architecture and history of their local church.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their morning and were exceptionally well behaved.

Year 4 Collective Worship

Year 4 planned and lead Collective Worship. They recounted the life of Moses and talked about how the Ten Commandments still impact on our own lives today. Some of the children had written prayers linking this story to the Christian Value of Peace.

Year 5 trip to Much Birch Church

Year 5 visiting the parish church, St. Mary and St. Thomas a Becket, to look for symbols of Christianity both inside the building and also in the church yard.

The children are also pictured looking at some of the symbolic objects that are used during Holy Communion.

Inspirational banners

Year 5 led Collective Worship and Reverend Mark and a number of Year 5 parents, grandparents and siblings attended.

We were all delighted to see the amazing banners celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit, through the symbols of the dove and fire. They have been inspired, designed and sewn by all the children following their work in RE.

Our thanks go to Mrs Willimont, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Dillon for all their hard work.


Making the banners


Year 1 trip to Much Birch Church

Hall displays