Christian Values


Christian values form the core of the school’s ethos and are evident in all that children, staff and governors seek to achieve. We seek to ensure that Christian values are woven into the curriculum, our ethos and acts of worship. We blend Christian teaching and Values Education to create opportunities for children to develop physically, emotionally, personally, socially, mentally and intelligently so that their self-esteem and well-being is sound and supported by ever growing emotional intelligence; leading to an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as young citizens.

The systematic introduction of a common values vocabulary allows children to access moral and ethical thought. Over a two-year rolling programme we focus on twelve Christian values. Whilst one value is of particular focus at a particular time of the academic year; we aim to provide a variety of opportunities for them all to be thought about and to be used in the daily life of the school and its wider community. Christian values identify with both school and church calendars. We also actively encourage the attitudes of awe, wonder and reflection.


Christian Values September 2015 September 2016
Autumn 1 Thankfulness Service
Autumn 2 Hope Peace
Spring 1 Koinonia Creativity
Spring 2 Forgiveness Humility
Summer 1 Endurance Compassion
Summer 2 Trust Friendship

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Christian Values for Schools




Thankfulness has been one of our Christian Values this academic year. We looked at why being thankful is important and discussing what the children are thankful for in their lives.

We learnt about the importance of saying Grace before a meal, reflect on occasions when we may want to express love and thanks to God, think about creation and also consider being thankful for the good things that happen every day in our community.

Have a look at our home school value sheet for thankfulness.

Please click on this link to view the PDF – Thankfulness