Parent workshops and presentations

Please click on the links below to download information from parent workshops that have been run at school.


Whole school presentation on reports – July 2016

Presented by:  Mrs B.Davies

Presentation on reports – 12.7.2016




Whole school grammar, punctuation and spelling presentation – November 2015

Presented by:  Mrs C.White, Mrs L. Willimont, Miss C.Sockett, Mrs C.Finch, Mrs S.Davidson, Mrs N.Powell


Grammar, punctuation and spelling presentation – 4.11.2015

Glossary for grammar and punctuation


Phonics presentation for reception parents – October 2015

Presented by:  Mrs S.Davidson,  Mrs N.Powell


Phonics talk – Yr R – 21.10.2015

Helping your child with reading and writing – Autumn 2015 – booklet for parents


Whole school numeracy presentation – November 2014

Presented by:  Mrs L. Willimont, Miss C.Sockett, Mrs S.Griffiths, Mrs C.Finch, Mrs S.Davidson, Miss K.Darby



Feedback regarding mathematics evening for parents November 2014


Whole school phonics presentation – October 2014

Presented by:  Mrs. C.White, Mrs S.Davidson, Mrs C.Broomfield, Mrs C.Finch


Whole School Phonics Talk – 22.10.2014


“It was a very relaxed and informative session.  I found it particularly useful to know the stages for each year group.  I wish I could have attended when my children were younger.  It was great to hear Mrs Finch explain the Year 6 targets as a parent of a child in Year 5.  Thank you!”

“I found the presentation very informative.  I found understanding phonics quite difficult before, but now I feel more confident to help my child at home.”

“I thought it was a thorough and informative presentation delivered in a relaxed style.  It was useful to have representatives from different roles and phases in the school.  Thank you.”


Phonics presentation for reception parents – September 2014

Presented by:  Mrs S.Davidson


Phonics talk – Yr R – 24.9.2014


Quotes from parents who attended:

“I think the phonics presentation was wonderful.  It gave me an insight into how phonics is taught to the children and I learnt a lot myself.”

“Excellent presentation!  It was really informative.  The slides were clearly presented and the hand outs, in particular the laminated alphabet sheet, was really useful.”

“Excellent presentation, very informative and well delivered.  It was very different when I was at school so the presentation really helped me to understand the concept of phonics, which is really helpful.  Thank you.”