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500 words – BBC Radio 2 competition

Year 5 have been working incredibly hard to write their own stories for the BBC 500 words competition. Joe Pennington has written a fantastic story which we have included on page 3 for you to enjoy. Well done to all of Year 5 for your hard work on this.


Joe Pennington 500 Word story

With my heart pounding, I ran through the narrow alley-ways of London, pursuing a professional, fiendish, fierce thief, and the key to the bank of England. Sweat was pouring down my face, thanks to the heavy police uniform I had been wearing for the entirety of the chase. Just minutes before I reached the quiet, desolate street in which the criminal had just arrived, the thief pulled out a phone and dialled a number. Seconds later, a shining motorbike and side-car pulled up and in jumped the thief! I had lost him. Unsuccessful, I reluctantly trudged back to base.

A fortnight later, exciting news came in that the thief had been seen leaving the city by car. He was heading to the Highlands of Scotland. It seemed like a random destination, but we were sent out anyway to retrieve the key, and bring the thief to court. I had the number plate and position on GPS, due to a last minute tracker being placed on the thief’s shoe. It was true they were heading into Scotland, but why? Were they meeting someone, or was it something else?

Many hours later, the tracker told me they had stopped deep in the centre of a wood. It was freaking me out. I had to walk because it was so dense. Once at the centre I examined an old, wooden shack, which definitely didn’t shout out welcome, come and join the party! Creeping across the lawn, I pulled out my truncheon and slowly opened the door. Bam! A booby trap!

When I woke up, I found myself bound in ropes and eavesdropping on a conversation involving the key. The key itself was resting on a cabinet in the corner of the room, and from listening to the intriguing conversation, I discovered that they would be holding another meeting here at 3 o’clock on the 23rd January. If I could escape and get a squad of police men here to guard the shack, we should be able to catch the crooks unawares. The only problem was that there would be sixteen men in total and if they were all like the attendants today, they would flatten us in their tracks!

I discovered that I could get my hands out of the ropes and free myself, so all I had to do was wait for them to leave. That happened a lot sooner than I expected! That afternoon, they decided to abandon me there. I stayed there for half an hour after they left, then escaped quite easily, immediately making my way to a public phone box. Luckily, I had some change.

On the 23rd, the rest of the squad and I were hidden in the woods surrounding the shack, awaiting the meeting’s attendants. After they were in the hut, we took them by surprise. Most of them decided to come peacefully, but the thief refused. We would have to take him by force.

They were all put in prison by the next week. Success!