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Bush Craft Residential – Day 2

If you thought your children were dirty yesterday, then you won’t want to see them today. A quote from Danny, “All the paint has come off.” Quote from Mrs Willimont, “Are you sure? You might need a scrubbing brush and some carbolic soap on Saturday!” After a successful night under tarp (success being fast asleep by 10pm) we practised our first aid skills on the tribe leaders, managing not to drop them whilst carrying them on the plastic bag stretchers! 6 amazing volunteers attempted to eat the salmon eyes. Drew and Roman actually did! Hats off to them! Isaac’s animal shelter unfortunately wasn’t waterproof. The afternoon has been spent honing their hunting skills with tomahawk throwing and archery, followed by archery tag. We needless to say have not caught our tea. Safe outdoor pizzas are awaiting us, and most of the children are wanting to sleep under the tarp tonight. We can’t wait for tomorrow’s excitement.