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New Charity link—Hands Around The World

We are delighted to let you know that we have decided to help raise money for a charity that supports children in Africa and India. It is very important for children to have awareness of the lives of children from other countries and to understand that they can do things to help to improve their quality of life. HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) is a small local organisation based in Monmouth which helps needy children around the world, sending short-term volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing and friendship at their partner centres. HATW works in Africa and India and strives for happy, healthy children who are safe, cared for, listened to, well fed, clothed, housed and in school.   More than 2500 children benefit every day, many are orphans and coping with disabilities.   Happily, the lives of many others too have been transformed through their involvement over the last 24 years. There are at least 25 million orphaned children in Africa today. Most are victims of HIV / AIDS.   You can read more about them on their website

Year 5 are going to link up with one of the schools, they plan to make up an information booklet about Much Birch to send to a school. Hopefully they will then get a similar booklet back from the school which will promote discussion about similarities and differences between the two schools.


The children will be having an assembly by Lynda Steiner, one of the founders of the charity, on Tuesday 23rd January 2018. They will find out more about the charity and have opportunities to ask questions.


To launch our fundraising for the charity we will be holding a book sale on Tuesday 23rd January and Wednesday 24th January from 12.00 – 12.30pm. Children will be able to go to the Year 5 classroom where a range of 2nd hand and nearly new books will be on sale. Book prices will range from 50p—£1. If anyone has any good quality books they would like to donate, please bring into school on Monday 22nd January.

Thank you.