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Parent Survey

We are delighted to share the results of the parent survey. Some more have been received since this analysis was completed and we will update you as soon as these results have been added.



The comments about this were mixed with some parents feeling there is not enough and others feeling there is too much. As a team we will work to review the setting of homework for your child’s class. In order for your child to meet the age related expectations, reading, tables and spellings are a must that will feature in any weekly homework set.


Recognising and dealing effectively with bullying

The school is always willing to listen to children and parents and takes any unkindness very seriously. Unfortunately it is hard to respond on an individual basis as the surveys were anonymous but if any parent would like to discuss their concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me. The school is lucky to have the services of Mrs Walker-Ball who can also take on board worries that children may have in this respect.


Valuable information about progress

We recognise this as an area for development and will work with parents to improve.