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Reading Fairy

Reading Fairy

The reading fairy has visited all classes over the past two weeks. It has been evident that children are working incredibly hard to read as much as possible at home which is fantastic!


Congratulations to all the children that were given books this time!



During the reading fairy’s visit the older children were reminded about the importance of presentation in their reading diaries. We expect any written entries in the reading record to be in either pencil or a blue/black writing pen and not colouring pencils or felt tip pens. If mistakes are made then they are to draw one line through the word and re-write it rather than scribble out a mistake.   The children were also reminded about the importance of reading to an adult, even in Year 5 and 6! We would like you to try to listen to your child read when you can so you can ask them comprehension questions about the text to check they fully understand what they are reading.   There may also be certain words that your child doesn’t understand that you could discuss and even look up the definition of a word together using a dictionary.   The reading fairy is looking forward to visiting all classes again very soon…