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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Head Teacher: Mrs Bernie Davies
Picture 2 Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Anna Ricketts
Picture 3 SENCo & Teaching Staff Year 6: Mrs Broomfield
Picture 4 Teaching Staff Year R: Mrs Natalie Powell
Picture 5 Teaching Staff Year 1: Mrs Thomas-Layne
Picture 6 Teaching Staff Year 1: Mrs Turner
Picture 7 Teaching Staff Year 2: Mrs Walford
Picture 8 Teaching Staff Year 2: Mrs Finch (Maternity Leave)
Picture 9 Teaching Staff Year 3: Mrs White
Picture 10 Teaching Staff Year 4: Mrs Willimont
Picture 11 Teaching Staff Year 5: Mrs Turner
Picture 12 Teaching Staff Years 2 & 5: Mrs Ricketts
Picture 13 Teaching Staff Year 6: Mrs Roberts
Picture 14 Teaching Staff Year 6: Mrs Broomfield
Picture 15 Sports Coach: Mr Bullock
Picture 16 HLTA & Forest School Leader: Mrs Robbins
Picture 17 Learning Mentor: Mrs Bridges
Picture 18 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Brandram-Jones
Picture 19 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Randall
Picture 20 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wilkinson
Picture 21 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rone
Picture 22 Teaching Assistant: Miss Franklin
Picture 23 TA & Forest School Leader: Mrs Stewart
Picture 24 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Malins
Picture 25 Administrator: Mrs Tweddell
Picture 26 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Dillon
Picture 27 Lunchtime Superintendent: Mrs E Jones
Picture 28 Lunchtime Superintendent: Mrs Etheridge-Barnes
Picture 29 Lunchtime Superintendent: Mrs L Du Preez
Picture 30 Caretaker/Cleaner: Mr Dukes
Picture 31 Cleaner: Mrs Dukes