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Attendance matters

Much Birch attendance policy

Recent letter regarding attendance - Feb 2024


Why school attendance matters

Missing a few days of school here and there may not seem huge, but research shows that it has a significant impact on children’s learning. Children who miss a substantial amount of school can fall behind their peers, and struggle to catch up.

  • Every child has a right to education and to have the best possible life chances. By attending school daily and on time they learn the importance of commitment and being punctual, a life skill that will serve them well as they grow into the next generation of working citizens.
  • It is hard to catch up enough on the work that is missed due to absence, therefore it will be hard for children to achieve their best results if there are gaps in their learning.
  • Not being at school regularly also has a negative effect on the social aspects of school. It is hard for children to build and maintain good friendships if they are not in school regularly.


  • We encourage parents and carers to send their children to school whenever possible, however if they have sickness or diarrhoea, please keep them at home for 48 hours of being symptom free. If a child is off for a week, we would expect them to have seen a doctor and may ask for evidence of an appointment or medicine prescription. Medications can be administered in school to enable children to attend, please come to the school office to arrange this.

    If your child is unwell, you must call the school office by 9.30am to notify us of their absence. You must call to report each day of their absence.

    If we do not have regular contact from parents of an absent child, this will become a safeguarding issue.  We will call all contacts on our lists and we may carry out a home visit for a welfare check.


You are encouraged to make children’s medical appointments outside of school hours, if possible. If this is not possible, we ask that parents provide the school with evidence of appointments (at least 48 hours notice where possible) in order that we can discuss with you.


According to the law, parents do not have an automatic right to take their child out of school during term time as it is considered that any absence from school will disrupt your child’s learning.  Any leave that is taken without the Headteacher’s permission may result in the Local Education Authority issuing a penalty notice of up to £120 per parent, per child. 


We are working alongside Herefordshire Attendance Hub led by Herefordshire Attendance & Engagement.