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Pupils are encouraged to persevere to reach their full potential in ability. Positive reinforcement and extrinsic rewards are used alongside intrinsic rewards to encourage pupils to persevere and succeed.


We understand that in the Early Years the children are very young and need support but as the year progresses they are encouraged to have a go and develop their independence. 

The children are encouraged to develop their full potential in all areas such as dressing themselves, managing their own hygiene, working more independently, knowing where to find support materials and to remember that something they cannot do now is what they cannot do yet.



We began looking at the value through the story 'The magical yet'. 

The children used words such as

'Don't give up!    Keep going!    Keep trying!   Get up and have another go!'

The children talked about what they would like to achieve in Reception class and also look to the future.

Children had high expectations of themselves and realised that effort and perseverance is what achieves our goals and aspirations.

They knew that they may still only be little and they may not be able to do something YET but with perseverance comes achievement.


Children understand what the word 'perseverance' means.

Children are supported to develop the value of perseverance in a range of ways.

Children understand that although they cannot do something now that they simply cannot do it yet and with effort and perseverance they will succeed.