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Golden Rules

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Luke 6:31


At Much Birch we believe that promoting positive behaviour is paramount to a successful learning environment.


Every child is a unique individual with different temperaments and emotions. Helping children to understand their emotions and feelings helps them to then understand others and become more caring towards them.


As the practitioners, it is our responsibility to model active listening and good social and emotional skills. We make time to listen to every child and value their views even if they are very different to an adult! At Much Birch the EY & KS1 staff, give each child the opportunity to have ‘bubble time’. A poster is in each classroom with a photograph of any key person the children spend time with in school. Each child has a peg with his or her name on and any time they would like to talk to any of those key people about anything at all they can put their peg next to the photo and at some point during the day they will be allocated time to discuss. The practitioner can give the child their full attention and give the child the time and space they need.  KS2 children are able to write down a worry they may have and put it into a worry box in our library.  This is locked and is checked regularly by the Learning Mentor.  Children will be given time to discuss their worries with an adult they feel comfortable talking to.


We have a whole school Celebration Service each week where children from each class are awarded with a certificate. They might be praised for a variety of different things ranging from producing an excellent piece of work in any area of development or subject, outstanding behaviour or settling into school well. We always praise effort as well as achievement.


We have a set of golden rules in school. These are…

Much Birch Golden Rules

Behaviour and Sanctions Flowchart (Red and Yellow card system)