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Child- Initiated Learning


"Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, relate to others, set their own goals and solve problems." EYFS Framework, 2021


At Much Birch the activities are well-planned and designed to consolidate previous learning and practise new skills. 

Sometimes, (very often actually!) children take their learning in a new direction. A cardboard tube put out to consolidate learning about cylinders may be turned into a tube for a rolling ramp for a car, exploring the angles for speed or a telescope to be a pirate. These learning opportunities are observed and can be enhanced through questioning and adding additional resources.

Children's interests and motivation for learning is heightened.



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We had been learning about the parts of a flower.

The children made sunflowers with the play dough, naming the parts.

To enhance their play the children asked for beads to use as seeds.

They then began counting the seeds and placing the beads in patterns on their flowers.

Some children made new shapes and created pictures.

The children counted out (child-initiated) the beads.

Others joined in.

The counting became a chant (we had been learning about counting in a rhythmical manner).

Good rhythm Boys!

With child-initiated learning and play children use language to communicate, develop relationships and social skills.

They learn to share, take turns and cooperate.

They solve problems, negotiate, listen and respond to each other.

They have fun!