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To feel a sense of belonging as part of the school community.



The school community includes all- pupils, parents, staff and the local community.

We appreciate that the first year in a child's schooling can be stressful and anxious as well as exciting!

With this in mind we welcome parents and pupils into school in a range of contexts. Building relationships, one of the four principles of the EYFS framework, is paramount to the settling in of pupils.



In addition to building relationships to promote positive relationships within our school community we open our school gates to the wider community through local visits (farm parks, libraries, local historical sites) and welcome visitors such as the fire service, paramedics, vets, farmers and other occupations.


Children feel secure at Much Birch school.

Children are happy at Much Birch school.

All members of the community are welcome and respected.

Every member of the community has something to offer and benefit the school.