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Painting, Malleable & Craft

The ‘Messy area’ explores ways for children to express themselves.

Children can often feel more confident in showing their feelings and experiences through their marks instead of talking.

The children can manipulate play dough and cornflour gloop developing their senses and uses language to describe the different textures as well as explaining what is happening.

Painting provides children with vast amounts of learning such as developing their fine pincer grip or learning about colour mixing. Painting is a great way for children to communicate their thoughts either verbally or in the marks they make. Children have the opportunity to select their own painting materials as well as have teacher-led activities to learn new techniques.

As they progress through the year children are encouraged to talk about their designs and their colour choices as well as thinking about the size, shape and texture of the equipment they have chosen to use.

With play-dough children can select tools to make imprints or for specific techniques. They can use their imagination, such as making cakes or just explore the textures. As the year progresses children are encouraged to verbalise the textures and explain their ideas and methods.

Children experience a wide variety of skills through craft such as cutting, weaving, threading, collage making, considering joining methods and adapting their ideas through trial and error.

The values of taking responsibility for their hygiene and safety are promoted.