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To provide a language rich environment developing and extending vocabulary.

To promote speech through role-play, stories, sharing news, songs and nursery rhymes, circle times as well as many other opportunities.



Considering the needs of the children and current research that children's language skills have been affected by the pandemic, the prime area of communication and language is at the heart of everything we do. 



Each day usually starts with a story introducing the day or week's topic. Children's language skills are promoted through partner talk, nursery rhymes, songs and poems. 

The Reception class is a buzz of purposeful chatter.

The teaching of reading begins through promotion of a love of reading and learning new 'wow' words. Phonics is taught daily and displays reinforce and celebrate learning. 

The classroom has a cosy book corner with topic books, non-fiction books, favourite story books and phonic readers to choose from. Included in the book area are puppets and a range of soft toys to retell and create,  bringing stories to life.

Mark-making activities are explored through a range of kinesthetic learning.

Children have access to drawing and writing materials.

Reading and writing are encouraged through creating labels for models and in role-play scenarios such as lists, recipes and instructions.

In the outdoor area chalkboards, whiteboards as well as clipboards of paper are used to give purpose to children's writing, for example, builders make lists of materials needed, scientists design rockets and children display rules for games they have created.

At the end of every day is story-time.

Reading, writing and language are interweaved through everything we do.



Children can effectively communicate through speech.

Children use talk to express feelings, share information, stories and events.

Children understand that reading and writing communicates information.