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Music at home

  • Learn to read musical notes by completing the worksheets.
  • Listen to your favourite songs and learn to sing them.
  • Create your own rhythmic patterns using body percussion.
  • Try creating your own melodies (tunes) using a keyboard/piano. Don’t have a keyboard/piano at home? Use the worksheet on this page.
  • Explore sounds at home and make your own instrument using things such as kitchen roll tubes and tin cans. There are some ideas in this booklet or find more ideas online at BBC’s Bring the Noise.
  • Find the BBC 10 Pieceswebsite online and choose some pieces to listen to. Find your favourite and write a review about it (see review template below)
  • Visit the websites listed above
  • Find Chrome Music Lab online and create your own musical patterns – try Song Maker, Rhythm, or Melody Maker.