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Humility is explored through developing confidence and strategies that enable pupils to understand that each child will progress in a different way. Pupils support and encourage each other.


Humility is a difficult value for young children to understand. Whilst we want children to be proud of their achievements we also want them to support others and show humility in their achievements.


Understanding one of the principles of the EYFS framework- that each child is unique is integral to promoting the value of humility. Each child's personal cultural capital brings knowledge and skills that others may not have and vice versa. 


We encourage children to support each other by playing games, working together to build models, discuss stories and share knowledge. Kindness, sharing, cooperation as well as academia are celebrated to promote all talents and skills.

Each and every child is set up to succeed.


Teaching of Value

We celebrate the value of humility in celebration services with certificates and in class we discuss the value through stories and videos. Children follow up the value through activities and displays are used to promote and consolidate learning.


We watched a video called 'The Prideful Ant' and discussed how the ant was feeling and why.

We then thought about how he needed to be humble and consider how his actions affected the others.

We then related this story to our own special skills and how we can use these skills to support others.


Children understand what the word 'humility' means.

Children have an understanding that each and every one of us is different and we each have our own skills and talents.

Children support each other, sharing their special skills and talents.