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The theme of friendship interweaves between the four principles of the EYFS framework.

Vocabulary such as 'warm and loving, sensitive, respectful, supportive and valuing' underpin the curriculum.

At Much Birch the theme of friendship is integral in all we do.

From settling in and playing 'getting to know you' games, spending equal time with children and placing their needs and interests at the heart of the curriculum gives us a solid foundation in which to promote a friendly, caring and secure learning environment.



In addition to building friendship into the curriculum as part of PSED area of learning we also focus on the value and address it through worships with value certificates rewarding friendly behaviour. At playtimes we take turns in being the 'kindness' coach.

In class we have circle times and use stories and real-life scenarios to promote and discuss the value in more depth. We follow our ideas up with activities and displays.



Our Buddy

In Reception we have a Y6 buddy who looks after us and helps us.

We go on special trips together, share special playtimes and enjoy 'buddy' activities such as sharing books, making crafts and building social skills through play.

At the end of the year we say a (usually!) tearful goodbye to our buddies in a special leavers assembly.


Teaching the value of Friendship.

We used the story 'Rainbow Fish' to discuss how the Rainbow fish made friends.

At the beginning of the story the Rainbow fish was 'proud' but didn't have any friends. We thought he might be 'lonely' and 'sad'. We discussed how the Octopus gave good advice and the Rainbow fish listened to the advice and acted on it.

The Rainbow fish shared his scales and the more scales he gave away, the more friends he made.

The Rainbow fish felt warm inside and understood how having friends made him feel happy. 


Children feel secure in a respectful, caring, warm and happy school environment.

Children respect each other and each child's uniqueness is celebrated.

Children demonstrate friendly behaviour.

All members of Much Birch school community feel respected and accepted.