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Understanding the World

Understanding the world has three strands.

Past and Present

People, Culture and Communities

The Natural world

In the Early Years the subjects are interweaved through our topics. 

In Past and present we regularly talk about 'past events', share weekend and holiday news encouraging children to use correct tenses and vocabulary.

We look at events of the past such as historical figures such as Guy Fawkes and the topic of 'Dinosaurs' which every child loves and is immediately motivated to learn. We also look at themselves as a baby and how they have developed and grown, placing photos on a time-line.

People, Culture and Communities is explored through exploring hot and cold countries, identifying where they are on a map and globe. Watching videos of children in Africa and comparing to their own lives develops an awareness and respect for other cultures. We use dolls, costumes, jigsaws, role-play equipment, stories from around the world to promote respect for all.

The Natural World is explored through our weekly forest school sessions, our Early Years outdoor classroom/garden. Children observe lifecycles, plant seeds, look after plants and the outdoor environment. They take ownership and responsibility.

There is also an element of risk-taking and responsibility for their hygiene and safety.