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English (Reading, Writing, SPAG)

How our English Curriculum incorporates our school values:


At Much Birch Primary School, we strive for excellence in English achievement throughout the school. We develop children’s abilities within a cross-curricular programme of Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening.  Across all classes, pupils are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding, and the use of spoken and written English, within a balanced and exciting curriculum. There are lots of opportunities for children to consolidate and reinforce taught English skills and to apply them in a range of contexts.


At Much Birch our intent is to make all our pupils ‘readers’ and ‘authors/writers’ by allowing them to immerse themselves in high-quality stories and model texts. We want to provide them plentiful opportunities to gain knowledge about grammatical concepts which will enhance their writing. We want our children to develop inquisitive minds; ask questions and wonder at books and literature.


Through our English curriculum, we foster our values of perseverance, hope, friendship and humility to enable every child to flourish in the fullness of life.

Our work on perseverance helps them understand that often longer books or extended writing, takes time and effort – perseverance is needed to produce their best work.

Hope enables them to look forward and believe in themselves and their abilities so that they can produce the best that they can.

Friendship gives them security so that when we peer mark and discuss our English, the children are confident and comfortable with their working partners.

Finally, our value of humility gives them the tools they need to edit and correct their work.  To understand that a first draft may not be the best and it takes editing and improvement to produce quality work.

English Curriculum Overview

Substantive, Disciplinary & Sticky knowledge in Reading & Writing