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Year 1

Welcome back to school

Spring term 1 and 2

Weekly home learning timetable

Daily learning activites

Commotion in the Ocean

Mrs Thomas-Layne reading Commotion in the Ocean for Year 1. (recorded on a very hot day in June!)

Remember lots of the things you are already doing are improving your child's skills, lots of them essential life skills just like this picture shows!  By now we've all probably had a go at the Joe Wicks PE lessons, if you haven't already, give some of these others a try.


Home Learning

Year 1's 'The Great Outdoors' photos

Year 1 have been enjoying their topic on Castles this term.  We have been reading non-fiction books about Castles, Kings and Queens. We  did some research on Queen Elizabeth II and painted portraits of her.


For English, we have retold the story of Jack and  the Beanstalk and produced some lovely pieces of works.

We wrote about if we had magic beans what would they turn into and
wanted posters to try and find the giant.


We made valentine's day cards and wrote who we love and how we show it.  We listened to 'All you need is Love' by the Beatles and held hands with our friends.


We made giraffe masks to raise awareness of #HelloYellow.  We then designed our own superhero and superhero badge.  The superhero had powers to be the world's best friend and the badge had to contain all of the things that make us happy.

We learned about the artist Henri Rousseau and looked at one of his most famous
paintings, ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm.’  We painted the jungle and created a tissue collage to hide our animals behind.