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Year 5

Space Guard trip photos


Welcome to Year 5! The class is taught by Mr Hipkins and assisted by Mrs Stewart. Mr Bullock will teach the class PE on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. The children will also be doing forest school with Mrs Robbins on Tuesday mornings.  Year 5 is packed full of exciting topics over the year including Anglo Saxons, Mayans, Space and crime and punishment through the ages. Useful curriculum information, as well as photos, will be posted throughout the year on this site but information will also be posted on Seesaw too. We hope your child enjoys Year 5 and please feel free to see any of us if you have any questions.  

Nut allergies

We are a nut-free school. Please avoiding sending any food with your child to school that contains nuts.


Homework will be given out every Tuesday and collected in the following Monday. Each week, the children will have spellings to practise and either a maths or English task. Following discussions with parents, you will not need to print off homework at home. Instead, children will be given homework booklets to write in. Questions will be put up on Seesaw or printed at home and sent home with your child but nothing will require any printing at home. I really want to make homework nice and simple for parents so please get in touch if there are any difficulties or problems.

'Show and tell' in Year 5

We will still do 'show and tell' in Year 5 but I'm afraid the time we have is a bit limited at the end of the day! The rules are that three 'show and tell' slots for three children are available every Friday. Your child will need to sign up using a sheet in the class. If there are no slots available, they should sign up for the following week. An item can be brought in for 'show and tell' if it is either some kind of medal or award, a piece of art, music, writing etc or something of interest such as an old coin (please no toys). Please also be aware that precious items brought in can quite easily get broken or go missing in a primary school. I will do my best to look after items but there are no guarantees!   


Birthday cakes

Quite often, children like to bring cakes in for the class on their birthdays. That is absolutely fine. However, please remember to find cake that is nut free and, ideally, does not need to be cut up into slices. Most of the time, there will not be an adult available to cut the cakes up.

Please update us with your child's allergies and permission for photos

If your child has an allergy, please make sure we know about it if you haven't already told us. Likewise, please let us know if you do not want us to use pictures of your child on Seesaw or the school website.

When you arrange with other parents to pick up their children after school:

If you are collecting a child other than yours from school, the parent of the child must let the school know and give permission. 

Year 5's weekly timetable