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Year R

Welcome to Reception


A warm welcome to you all!

The class Teacher is Mrs Powell and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brandram-Jones.

We have lots of fun in Reception learning through play, stories, songs, cooking, craft, outdoor learning, forest school as well as sitting and listening joining in with games and class discussions.

We welcome you into our school  through workshops, coffee mornings, story sessions as well as school festivals and assemblies.




In Reception we believe that children have a right to expect a curriculum that is fun, motivating, interesting and most importantly purposeful. We strive to develop imagination through a stimulating, creative environment where every child has the opportunity to shine.

At Much Birch we aim to develop all subjects thoughtfully and to make links that are relevant, appropriate and purposeful to the area of learning.


Areas of Provision EYFS Learning Outcomes

Continuous Provision offers children the chance to engage in active learning through hands-on, play-based activities which they can access whenever they choose.

Continuous provision can enable children to explore recent learning, practise new skills, and follow their own interests, both indoors and out. Staff will often enhance the provision areas to make links to adult-led activities, being sure that children have plenty of chances to practise and improve skill, knowledge and confidence in active, independent learning.




Phonics Presentation 23 24

Curriculum Information

EYFS Annual Plan

Summer Term Information

How you can help at home

  • encourage your child to put on their coat and dress themselves, independently
  • read their school book for 10 minutes every day, talk about the characters, their feelings, the events
  • read a bedtime story and discuss
  • learn the letters and sounds that are sent home
  • look around the environment discussing shapes and numerals
  • encourage your child to sing nursery rhymes and talk about their day

What have we been learning? Spring 2 - Excellent Eggs

Spring 2- Excellent Eggs

This half term we have been learning...

  • About Chinese New Year
  • About the chicken life-cycle
  • About the frog life-cycle
  • About the butterfly life-cycle
  • About dinosaurs and how they once lived and are now extinct
  • About why and how we celebrate the Christian festival of Easter
  • In Maths about how counting up is like a staircase pattern, one more and one less, counting items and comparing amounts using correct mathematical vocabulary
  • About what makes a happy class
  • We visited the library as part of World Book Day and the local museum

Our activities in class- Spring 2

What have we been learning? Spring 1- Transport

Spring 1- Transport

This half term we have been learning...

  • About the different modes of transport and when we would use them for journeys
  • About Space and the historical figure Neil Armstrong
  • About boats and ships and what floats and sinks
  • About the artist Jackson Pollack and recreated some 'splatter art'
  • To design and create a rescue vehicle for Woody from Toy Story
  • About emergency vehicles and people who help us
  • To use technology to support our learning in maths- subitising, ordering numbers
  • To compare measures of mass and capacity



As part of our 'Transport' topic children were given a story to take home. This story was about Woody being left on an island and on discovery of this Buzz had to try and rescue him.

The children had to design and create a vehicle, explaining why they chose this vehicle. They collected materials and chose tools to build their junk model.

Parents came into class to make the model with their child.

It was a time to network with other parents, see phonics and story time sessions in class and see the Reception class in operation as well as chat to the Reception team.



Parent workshop- EAD (Design and make a rescue vehicle for Woody form Toy story)

What have we been learning? Autumn 2- Stories and Celebrations 

Autumn 2- Stories and Celebrations

This half term we have been learning...

  • About the Hindu festival of light- Diwali
  • About why we celebrate Bonfire night
  • About the historical figure Guy Fawkes
  • About the Christian festival Christmas
  • To perform a Nativity play
  • About traditional stories - retelling them and building bridges
  • About the Artist Wassily Kandinsky
  • About friendships with a 'buddy' trip to Clearwell Caves

What have we been learning? Autumn 1- Let's Discover...

Our year so far...

Our first half term we have been 'discovering'...

  • All about how special I am, my interests, what I can do, what I like and don't like
  • All about my peers and their interests
  • All about the Autumn season, colours, weather, animals
  • All about our school environment
  • All about the class routines, rules and expectations
  • How I can learn

Our Value - Friendship

Our school value this half term is 'Friendship'.

As part of our 'Let's Discover' topic we have been finding out all about our new classmates and building our friendships.

We listened to a story called 'Rainbow fish' and learnt all about how the Rainbow fish made friends and the different feelings at different times in the story.

At first the Rainbow fish was proud but lonely. When he gave away his precious scales he made friends and he had a warm feeling inside which we agreed was the feeling of being accepted and being a good friend.

We then went on to discuss how we could be a good friend.

This is the display we enjoyed creating.

For further information about the EYFS please click link below.