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Year R

Welcome to Reception


A warm welcome to you all!

The class Teacher is Mrs Powell and the Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rusling and Mrs Brandram-Jones.

We have lots of fun in Reception learning through play, stories, songs, cooking, craft, outdoor learning, forest school as well as sitting and listening joining in with games and class discussions.

We welcome you into our school  through workshops, coffee mornings, story sessions as well as school festivals and assemblies.




In Reception we believe that children have a right to expect a curriculum that is fun, motivating, interesting and most importantly purposeful. We strive to develop imagination through a stimulating, creative environment where every child has the opportunity to shine.

At Much Birch we aim to develop all subjects thoughtfully and to make links that are relevant, appropriate and purposeful to the area of learning.


Areas of Provision EYFS Learning Outcomes

Continuous Provision offers children the chance to engage in active learning through hands-on, play-based activities which they can access whenever they choose.

Continuous provision can enable children to explore recent learning, practise new skills, and follow their own interests, both indoors and out. Staff will often enhance the provision areas to make links to adult-led activities, being sure that children have plenty of chances to practise and improve skill, knowledge and confidence in active, independent learning.




Curriculum Information

Spring 1- Transport


Autumn 2 Topic- Stories and Celebrations

Autumn 1 Topic- Let's Discover (Myself/ Autumn)

Out value this term is Hope

We have discussed many stories that promote the value of 'Hope'.

During the Y4 Remembrance service Reception children were inspired by the poppy paintings Y4 had created.

They chose to paint some of their own.

They believed that the poppies were a symbol of hope for a better life.

Hope for peace.

Our last term's value was FRIENDSHIP

We used the story 'Rainbow Fish' to discuss how the Rainbow fish made friends.

At the beginning of the story the Rainbow fish was 'proud' but didn't have any friends. We thought he might be 'lonely' and 'sad'. We discussed how the Octopus gave good advice and the Rainbow fish listened to the advice and acted on it.

The Rainbow fish shared his scales and the more scales he gave away, the more friends he made.

The Rainbow fish felt warm inside and understood how having friends made him feel happy. smiley

For further information about the EYFS please click link below.