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Year R

Spring 2- Changes


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Week 2- Changes- Plants

Reception have written postcards to their friends saying who they miss and why they miss them.

They drew a picture of their friend.

Week 4- 25th January- Reception have created their own 'Naughty Night-time Bus' stories

Christmas 2020

Reception performed 'The Nativity'

Once upon a time

A long time ago

Begins the story of a Baby

That most of you should know


Mary's husband was Joseph

And Mary was the Baby's mum

This Baby was very special

He was God's only Son


Some Angels came from heaven

And they began to sing

To the Shepherds in the fields below

"Glad tidings do we bring!"


A bright Star lit the heavens

To light the King's way

To the Baby in the manger

Who was born on Christmas day


And all who gathered around Him

Rejoiced and praised His birth

For the Babe, the King, named Jesus

Is our Saviour here on Earth!

Welcome Reception 2020

The children have all settled in really well.

It is lovely to hear the sound of chatty and laughing voices filling the classroom again.

Autumn 1 Topic- Let's Discover

Meet the Teacher Presentation

Blooms Taxonomy- Extending children's thinking

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Home learning weekly work

Summer 2- July 13th


Forest School- Wildlife '30 Days Go Wild' activities
Please see 'Home learning' for phonics and maths resources to support you in teaching your child smiley

Home Learning Gallery

The Three Little Pigs Week

Phoebe retelling 'The Three Little Pigs' story

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Safety week and visiting the sea-side

During our 'Safety Week' we looked at internet safety and what we use the internet for.

The children sang a song to remind themselves how to stay safe on the internet.

The key message was TO TELL AN ADULT and ASK FOR HELP.


The children also looked at and discussed possible dangers around the home.


For seaside week the children made lovely seaside pictures, learnt about money and adding coins to buy ice-creams. They used all these ideas and created posters and ice-creams to sell in their ice-cream parlours.


Hot countries Week

Hot countries produce lots of exotic fruits.

We have made smoothies using different fruits.

Phoebe's smoothie

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Our 'Lockdown' postcards to our friends

'Lost and Found' Week - Cold Countries

For Jelly-fish pictures- see RE section below

Phoebe has frozen toy animals in coloured water.

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Watch how the colours mix when the ice melts.

Billy's Bucket Week


The Very Busy Spider Week

In Maths this week we are learning to 'share'

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Dinosaur Week

We have been creating our own dinosaurs, researching them and writing facts about

different types of dinosaurs.

What can you find out about the dinosaurs?

Rosie's Walk Week

Jack and the Beanstalk Week

poppy little bean song .mp4

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Max has described his castle. Lots of fantastic features named- flag, drawbridge, moat.
Max has also made an 'oubliette'. Can you find out what that is?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Week

Religious Education

We will flourish and reach our God-given potential.


The Creation

Our topics this term interweave the theme of CREATION throughout.

Planting and growing of seeds.

Awe and wonder of the wonderful animal and creatures God created.

The cycle of life.

God created all the lovely creatures.

He created the jelly-fish.

Are jelly-fish made from jelly?


Reception class made wax art jelly fish paintings.
The Creation Pictures


Our Easter Gardens

Max said

"The Angel is sat on the tombstone on the left and Jesus and Mary on the right.

The heart tombstone is because everybody loves Jesus.

No cross because that bit doesn't exist now Jesus is alive again."



Writing ideas!

Welcome to Reception


A very warm welcome to Reception.


Mrs Powell is the class teacher and the teaching assistants are Mrs Randall and Mrs Brandram-Jones.


We have a lovely large classroom with a cloakroom and toilets.


We have a reflection corner where you can sit quietly, read books, talk quietly to your friends or take some time out to think about things.


We have lots of construction toys, counting equipment and mark-making tools easily accessible at all times.


Indoors we have a messy area offering a range of sensory activities.


A large role-play area occupies the classroom and children are encouraged to select their own themes such as a cafe, hospital, police station, shop and post office to name a few.


We also have a large outdoor classroom where we have our own garden, sand area, play house as well as a wide range of large building equipment. All of this is fenced and gated for security.


All of our learning is done through play and follows the interests and needs of the children.

World Book Day


Reception have dressed up as a book character. They enjoyed looking through their books with each other. We made finger puppet characters from our chosen books. Lots of discussion as they drew their characters.

French Day


Reception learnt the primary colours in French - bleu rouge jaune. They enjoyed running around and finding the correct colour.

Reception Spring Letter

Christmas Nativity

Diwali - story and colouring

Diwali - lotus flower

Diwali - firework patterns

Harvest festival - Little red hen story retelling

Pumpkin and chocolate muffins

Using the pumpkin flesh in cooking

Baking pumpkin muffins

Feeling the texture of the pumpkin flesh

Scooping out flesh and seeds

Pumpkin collecting

Picking our school grown pumpkins

Exploring Autumn tray

Autumn colours

Playdough hedgehog

Percy the Park Keeper

September 2019


We have been playing lots of ‘Getting to know you’ games.


We have explored the school environment.


We have been focusing on building our relationships and having lots of fun!


We play games that make us excited and happy but we also make sure we take time out to relax, unwind, be quiet and reflect.