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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 2020 -2021
Well done indeed Harry Dean. smiley You are a superstar. I was so impressed when I received an email to say that you had run 10km. That is a very long way. You have definitely beaten your best.

Class 4's window

Launching a life line to a sinking ship

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Madeleine was trying to rescue the ship on a wild and windy day.

Agatha's drum sounds.

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Dylan's pitched pan pipes

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Finley's guitar

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More wonderful pictures.

Finley's sea doodle art.
Wow! Look at Finley's veg patch now.

Photos from June 29th

A great white shark or a whale?
Yummy coastal erosion features.

Sinking ship by Agatha

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Sinking ship by Dylan

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Photos June 15th

Ella's secret bird nest in the hedge.
Dylan making different sounds.
Dylan's pan pipes.
Moving colours.
Emily's coloured sand in a bottle.
Skittle art by Emily.
Emily's step 2.
Emily;s step 3
Wow, Emily. The finished product.
Madeleine's art.

June 8th -12th

A bust day in th ekitchen.
Lots og nature spotting.
Agatha's letter.
Agatha bust with her art projects this week.
A sand art horse.
A stone sea turtle.
Dylan's science telephone experiment.

Photos for the week beginning June 1st.

Dylan's week of drawing.
Dylan's week of drawing.
Dylan's week of drawing.
Dylan's week of drawing.
Dylan's week of drawing.
Bug hunter Dylan - butterfy or moth?
Dylan's 30 days Wild Grid


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Photos from Half Term

Agatha's story.
Agatha's story.
Preston's letter.

Agatha's volcano

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Photos Week 5 May 18th - 22nd

Alice has been having fun!
Agatha's spider.
Agatha you are working hard!
Preston about to do some amazing artwork.
And look what he made - a tie-dyed shirt.
Amazing colours.
Some more of Preston's artwork.
Agatha's rain maker.

Alice's erupting volcano

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Photos from May 11th

Fin you look like you are having too much fun.
You have made some great raised vegetable beds.
Finley and his amazing exploding volcano.
Finley's river drawing.
Dylan out tree spotting.
A very useful book to have.
More tree spotting.
Agatha has gone out tree spotting too.
Agatha's classroom.
We have more tree spotters.
Preston's pizza man.
More cartoons fom Preston.
Preston’s tree spotting walk.
A tree from the dinosaur times - Ginkgo Biloba.
Ginkgo Bilabo leaf.
A page of leaves.

Other work from the week beginning11th May

VE Day

Dylan weighing the ingredients for fruit scones.
Dylan making fruit scones.
These look delicious Dylan.
Alice's VE Day poem.
Alice making cupcakes.
Aclice's VE Day cupcakes.
Alice's VE Day newspaper report.
Dylan's VE Day poster
Agatha’s VE Day colouring.
Agatha’s VE Day poem.
Afternoon tea with Dylan.
Dylan finally gets to eat the scones he made.
More delicious food at Dylan’s afternoon tea.
Dylan flying a plane.

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Pictures week beginning 27th April

Agatha's river system
Madeleine and her cat working hard!
Alice’’s textile river art.
Preston finishing his jigsaw.
Preston’s River system.

Naimh's stop motion

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Lockdown Fun

Follow Agatha's tracking signs.
Ella's ready for a messy science lesson!
Harry D - Pine cones and wire bugs.
Harry D - This is what they look like close up.
Harry D - Made for Easter from egg boxes.
Harvey's been helping me with my learning.
Harry D- Egg carton faces.
Harry D - Garden camping and whittling.
Harry D - Playing our milk bottle game.
Harry D- making a game from milk bottles.
What is Agatha doing with pistachio shells?
Pistachio art by Agatha.
More pistachio art by Agatha.
Agatha's stone art.
Agatha painting her rabbit hutch.
Agatha playing 'Ticket to Ride'.

Welsh sheep

Alice's Welsh sheep in a field of daisies.
Ella and her little sheep.
Madeleine's sheep joins the flock.
2 more join the flock.
Agatha's sheep joins Alice's in the daisy field.

Year 4 rainbow pictures

Preston’s NHS Lego.
Dylan’s NHS chalk picture.
Dylan found a shield bug when tree planting.
Alice’s NHS picture lit up!
Alice’s NHS picture.
Calum's NHS chalk picture.
Agatha's NHS drawing.

Emily's little cuties.

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Madeleine's helpful robot.

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Look what this helpful little thing is doing.

Finley's NHS message

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Finley's Dinosaur stop motion

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Finley's stop motion animal fun

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Welcome to Year 4!


We have been having great fun learning through practical activities.